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Dr. Jennifer Bracey is a well-known and well-liked clinician-educator. While she has experience both in teaching and front-line healthcare work, a big part of her passion lies in behind-the-scenes endeavors, engaging in health policies that might create a better, more just system of care for all people.

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November 11, 2022

Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health are economic and social conditions that affect a person’s health. These conditions play an essential role in individual health differences. They include factors like income, education, and access to health care. Addressing these factors is vital to improving personal health and well-being. But managing them can be challenging. This article discusses […]

October 17, 2022

Why is Global Health an Important Study?

We know that diseases are caused by poverty, yet we don’t focus on them much, even in high-income countries. Yet, the burden of disease in these groups is far greater than that of others. That is why studies on the structural determinants of health must be a priority for global health research. Moreover, studies on […]

Health Policy
October 11, 2022

Who Is Known as an Educator?

An educator plays a vital role in the lives of their students. Not only do they train students academically, they also help to mold their personalities and emotional health. They are a student’s mentor, guide, confidante, and friend. They may also specialize in particular subjects, such as religion and spirituality. Sal Khan Sal Khan is […]

Health Equity
September 28, 2022

Health Equity | The major factors and Its Establishment

The idea of health equity is that everyone should have the same chance to get the best health care possible. But some people may have trouble getting the health care they need because of their income or because they are different. A big part of health equity is making sure that everyone has the chance […]

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