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Dr. Jennifer Bracey is a well-known and well-liked clinician-educator. While she has experience both in teaching and front-line healthcare work, a big part of her passion lies in behind-the-scenes endeavors, engaging in health policies that might create a better, more just system of care for all people.

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Health Equity
September 28, 2022

Health Equity | The major factors and Its Establishment

The idea of health equity is that everyone should have the same chance to get the best health care possible. But some people may have trouble getting the health care they need because of their income or because they are different. A big part of health equity is making sure that everyone has the chance […]

Health Policy
September 16, 2022

What is Australian Health Policy?

Public hospitals in Australia face the same problems as those in other developed countries: limited resources, growing demand, and pressure to improve patient outcomes and quality. The main problems are resource allocation and performance improvement. These are a few of the most critical issues in Australian health policy. Here are the main principles that govern […]

August 31, 2022

Health Policy Examples

Health policy is an area of the law that touches virtually every community member. It begins with a bill introduced in Congress, the evidence presented to support or oppose the bill and then is debated and voted upon. Afterwards, regulations are written to implement the law. Sometimes, the Supreme Court may intervene to interpret or […]

Global Health
August 11, 2022

Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health are factors that contribute to good health and can be categorized as influencers or predictors. However, these factors are not necessarily causal and can change throughout life. For example, in the US, economic stability is one determinant of health. Other social determinants of health include education, work conditions, and stress. Below, […]

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