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Jennifer Bracey Individual Bio

Dr. Jennifer Bracey is a well-known and well-liked clinician-educator. While she has experience both in teaching and front-line healthcare work, a big part of her passion lies in behind-the-scenes endeavors, engaging in health policies that might create a better, more just system of care for all people.

Dr. Jennifer Bracey: From Education to the Front Lines

Her post-secondary education began with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology earned from the College of Charleston in 2002. She was then accepted into the Medical University of South Carolina where she was inducted into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society and graduated with her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2006.

In 2006, Dr. Jennifer Bracey entered the J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency Program at the Emory University School of Medicine. This Emory University program was Bracey's number one choice due to its affiliation with Grady Memorial Hospital. Grady is one of the largest safety-net hospitals in the nation and is renowned for providing a substantially high level of care to those who would otherwise be unable to receive it, including the low-income, uninsured, and otherwise vulnerable populations of the greater Atlanta metro area. In fact, Grady was the first hospital verified as a Level 1 trauma center within one hundred miles of the city. In choosing Emory University as her residency match, Dr. Bracey chose to prioritize providing care and informing better policies to assist the many Georgians in need of premier medical care who might not otherwise afford or have access to it.

Following her residency, a desire to meet a personal/work balance instigated a move to Baltimore in 2009. There, Dr. Jennifer Bracey accepted a prestigious full-time position as an Instructor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. After three years at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Bracey applied for and was accepted for a teaching position at that school where she felt the most alive: Emory University School of Medicine.

In 2012, Dr. Jennifer Bracey began what would be five of the most rewarding years of her healthcare career as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. During her time here, she served as an attending physician in Grady's International Clinic where she really honed her skills in international health care Whilst working with Emory University, Dr. Jennifer Bracey found her work taking her around the world. For three years, she brought students to Haiti as part of Project Medishare. Project Medishare is a Haitian non-profit that operates in the island country's more rural and remote areas, providing necessary healthcare services for some of the world's poorest patients. Dr. Bracey then also spent two year. In this role, she assisted residents and at the Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia's capital city of Addis Ababa.

Whilst Dr. Jennifer Bracey's time at Emory University School of Medicine was vastly rewarding, her personal life called her back to Charleston where she accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Medical University South Carolina in the summer of 2017. At MUSC, Bracey was one of the “Master Clinical Skills Teachers,” teaching physical examination to second year medical students and leading them through differential diagnosis and clinical reasoning activities. Additionally, she was a teacher in the Fundamentals of Patient Care course for first year medical students. At MUSC, Bracey won the prestigious Michael C. Assey Attending of the Year award and was also selected for a prestigious national award, the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine award, from the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Bracey is grateful for the time she was able to spend with the students and residents of MUSC, which was graciously reflected in receiving the highest evaluations from her learners.

Ever yet, committed to care for the underserved and striving for a just system of healthcare for all, Bracey has co-authored a number of health policy research papers and participated in an exciting array of workshops and seminars including:

"Health Policy and Advocacy in the South" workshop at the Southern Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting in Jan 2018

"Updates in Health Policy" invited seminar held at the Society of General Medicine National Annual Meeting in Jan 2020

"Telehealth: Opportunities, Challenges and Advocacy" workshop presented at the Society of General Internal Medicine National Annual Meeting April 2021

"Structural Racism in Health Care: A Health Policy Perspective" workshop held at the Society of General Internal Medicine National Annual Meeting also in April 2020

Personal Life

Caring for family and friends has always been a priority for Dr. Jennifer Bracey. After Dr. Bracey completed her residency at Atlanta's Emory University, she moved to Baltimore with her then-boyfriend for his oncology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, where she also accepted a position. Following that, she chose Atlanta again as her next significant job post-graduation for the colleagues and friends she held in high esteem during her residency.

Dr. Bracey's five years in Atlanta brought her much success and significant professional satisfaction, but when family called, she answered. In 2017, when Dr. Bracey's parents struggled with failing health, Dr. Bracey moved to Charleston to help and support her parents. She remains in the area, caring for her parents and continuing her professional career.


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